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A-dec 541 12 O'clock Duo Delivery System Conversion

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Get quick tips on converting the A-dec 541 12 o'clock delivery system from a right- to left-hand operator. See how easy it is to switch and reposition your dental instrumentation to fit your needs.


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Video transcript

Hello, my name’s Billy. Today, I want to show you how to convert a 541 12 o'clock delivery system to be used with a left-handed operator.

First make sure your chairback is all the way up. Second, slide the delivery system out towards the chair—making sure the vacuum canister is always pointed towards the chair. Once the lower arm of the delivery system is perpendicular to the cabinet, swing the delivery system instrumentation behind the unit to the other side and then continue the rotation on the other side of the operatory—making sure once again, the vacuum canister is always pointing towards the chair. Position your assistant instrumentation and doctor's instrumentation where you would like it, and then that is complete.