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A-dec 500, 400, and 300 Dental Chair Comparison

Duration 2:36

See this demonstration of differences between the A-dec 500, 400, and 300 dental chairs.

Video transcript

Hello, it's Billy here from A-dec. I wanted to take a minute to show you some of the basic differences behind the A-dec 311, 411, and 511 chairs. All three chairs are built upon a very similar hydraulic platform in order to ensure reliability.

The first significant difference that I want to point out to you is what we refer to as the virtual pivot. The virtual pivot happens when the chair is positioned into the supine position. Notice how the toe board on the three 11 chair does not move? Only the back moves on the 311 chair. Both the 411 and 511 chairs offer the virtual pivot feature, which allows the patient to stay put in the chair. Once they sit down and the operator positions the chair in the supine position. This is possible with a special track system underneath the seat, creating a cradle effect for the patient. The 511 chair is the only chair that has a hydraulic tilt, which allows a soft start feature, as opposed to the electric tilt cylinder in the 311 and 411.

Next, take a look at the armrests. On all three chairs, the armrests have two positions. One position, all the way forward to allow entry/exit of the chair. And one position to help support the patient during a procedure. Notice on the 511 chair, the reinforced armrest is really designed to help the patient feel extra supported. The next difference I would like to point out to you is the width of the backrest. Notice the 311 chair has a narrower backrest. This may be uncomfortable if you seat a very large patient in the chair. The 411 is significantly wider and the 511, even wider yet. In all three platforms, we believe in getting closer to the patient. This is why we build our upholstery on a thin back platform. This thickness can sometimes depend on whether you select sewn or formed upholstery. Finally, perhaps the most important and impressive difference is the headrest. We offer two headrest options, a more traditional knob-style headrest and our impressive lever-style headrest. You can see the functionality here. The lever-style headrest really is like no other when it comes to getting access to the oral cavity. Keep in mind the knob-style headrest is the only headrest option available on the 311 chair.