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A-dec 500 and 300 Continental Delivery System Comparison

Duration 3:19

Explore the differences between A-dec 500 continental delivery system and the compact 300 continental delivery system.

Video transcript

Hello, Billy here with A-dec in this video, I want to highlight some of the differences between our new 533 continental unit and the compact 333 continental delivery unit. The new 500 delivery system was refreshed and relaunched in may of 2019. Since then, it has been challenging the conversation about continental delivery systems sometimes referred to you as over-the-patient delivery. Continental delivery systems, primarily used to be positioned over the patient. There are a lot of dentists who did not like having to position the delivery. So close to the patient with the A-dec 533, you can position this unit over the patient like you see here. But with the new whip arms on the 533, you gain extra reach, which allows you to also have the option to position the delivery system off to the side, out of the patient's proximity. Here is a closer look at some of the functionality of the new 533 delivery.

Notice the centrally located handle, which allows this unit to easily be used by either right-handed or left-handed dentists. It's hard to tell, but when my hand engages the handle, a series of brakes release to allow me to effortlessly position the delivery system, then reengage to keep the delivery where I want it when I remove my hand. Next, you can see the movement and flexibility of the whip arms I referenced earlier. The whip arm helps support the weight of the handpiece, reducing strain on the wrist. The smooth movement allows easy access to the oral cavity. Also notice six potential positions where you can integrate and customize to meet your needs. Notice here, the tray is mounted on the bottom of the unit. We have another option that can also be mounted on either side, depending on your preference. Also notice the sleek design that allows you to easily reposition the tray.

Now let's look at the A-dec 333 unit. This compact delivery system is positioned—as a continental delivery would typically be positioned—over the patient. On this unit, the whip arm doesn't have the same side-to-side functionality as the 533, but moves smoothly forward and back still supporting the weight of the handpieces. Here, I position the unit to the side to demonstrate the lack of reach and flexibility compared to the 533 unit. This unit can either have the touchpad on the left or right side, depending on your dexterity. The handles each have a button that releases the brake mechanism to position the height of the delivery system. You can have a handle on either or both sides of the unit. This unit comes with a standard three positions, but can be upgraded to four—integrated to meet your needs. Both of these units are designed to last and give you and your office, the tools to be successful.

I would encourage you to reach out to your local A-dec Territory Manager, to learn more about both of these great products.