A-dec Dental Equipment

A-dec PAC 1 Portable Dental Unit. Durable. Reliable. Versatile.

The PAC 1 portable dental unit is designed to go wherever you need to be and field-proven to deliver A-dec reliability. Available in two versions, the PAC 1 is the most portable operatory system in the field. Each model offers manual control for two handpieces, wet/dry foot control, and a self-contained water system.

Smooth, streamlined design—from the unit housing to instrument tubing—makes cleaning fast and efficient. Water and vacuum systems easily clip on and off, while the control head offers storage for handpiece tubing, syringe, clean water system, and accessory air supply line. Other features include:

  • Non-retracting handpiece water coolant
  • Side-mounted controls that are out of the aerosol zone
  • Instrument holders designed for barrier protection
  • Autoclavable syringe with smooth tubing and a streamlined design
  • Handpiece Flush System to flush handpieces quickly and simply

Choose from two PAC 1 dental units: Field Unit or Institutional Unit.

Dentist examines patient in the Mercy Ships dental clinic in Guinea, West Africa.

Field Unit

Requiring only a compressed air source to operate, the Field Unit is designed for remote locations. The Field Unit has a control housing that mounts onto an adjustable-height tripod. With standard accessories and an optional carrying case, the total weight is just 35 pounds—a light load for easy transport.

  • Steril-Vac assistant's instrumentation
  • Adjustable height tripod
  • Toolkit
  • Carrying case 20" x 14.25" x 12.5" (508 mm x 362 mm x 318 mm)


A-dec Pac1 Field Unit Portable

Institutional Unit

With an adjustable-height mobile U-frame, the Institutional Unit is designed for hospitals and other medical care facilities (requires a compressed air source). The Institutional Unit includes all the features of the PAC 1 control and—like the Field Unit—includes the Sterli-Vac assistant’s instrumentation with one-quart capacity waste container standard.

  • Steril-Vac assistant's instrumentation
  • Adjustable height mobile chrome U-frame


A-dec institutional field unit portable