Scott Parrish speaking at A-dec company meeting

This page is dedicated to protecting the legacy of A-dec and its founding family. Here you can find answers to common questions we've received from employees, friends and members of the community. We also invite you to add your name to a letter of support for the Austin Parrish family as it defends itself against a legal attack led by a former board member and his team of lawyers.

To publicly show your support, simply read the letter below and click on "Add My Name" to join those standing firm with the Austin Parrish family. Your name will be added to the list that appears on this web page. When submitting your name, you will also have the option to leave a comment or words of support. We promise to share those words of support with members of the Austin Parrish family, and we may also post your comment to this site with your permission.

While it is unfortunate that we must dedicate valuable time and resources to protecting our company's leadership and legacy from this legal attack, we are so incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from employees and their families, Newberg area residents and leaders, friends and fellow business owners. Thank you.

We Stand With A-dec and the Austin Parrish Family

We stand firmly in support of the Austin Parrish family as it defends A-dec's legacy, its employees and their families, and its commitment to operating as a family-run business against a legal attack by Brett Baker and his lawyers.

In 1964, A-dec founders Ken and Joan Austin made the biggest choice of their lives: risk it all to start a company of their own. By February 1965 they had a couple of employees, an order to fill and a 1,000-square-foot space in Newberg, Oregon. Joan's desk, and its recipe box filled with business contacts, sat next to Ken's drafting board.

Together, they grew A-dec into the largest privately-owned dental manufacturing company in the United States. But more than that, A-dec is part of the fabric of our community, with a history of giving back and caring for its employees and their families. The company continues to hold firmly to the values of honesty, integrity and hard work that Ken and Joan demonstrated, and to its roots as a family-owned and operated business.

Ken passed away at 87 years old earlier this year, knowing that A-dec was exactly where he and Joan had placed it: in the capable hands of their son-in-law Scott Parrish, who they had asked to lead the company 15 years ago. In fact, in Ken's own memoir he affirmed, “I promised Scott and his team that they had my complete loyalty and support. It is a promise I have always kept.” Since 2004, Scott has taken that responsibility seriously, stewarding the growth and success of the business with support from the Austin Parrish family and the dedication of 1,300 valued employees globally.

After a failed attempt to remove Scott Parrish from the A-dec Board of Directors and install two hand-picked allies on the Board, Mr. Baker has mounted a legal battle to try to grab power and control that does not belong to him.

As this case unfolds, we stand hand-in-hand with the Austin Parrish family, who are the stewards of A-dec's legacy, with A-dec's board of directors and management team, with its employees and their families, with the many friends of the Austin Parrish family, and with our community.


Friends of the Austin Parrish family


David Adelsheim
Director of Adelsheim Vineyard

Megan Clubb
Chairman of the Board, Baker Boyer Bank

Charles Cook
Former Senior Vice President of A-dec

Kelly Haggland
Owner & CEO, The Kelly Group Real Estate

Randy Hopp
Founding Agent, Hopp Insurance

Russ Kuhns

Rick and Annie Lee

Sue and Bernie McGrath
President, Vision Capital Management

Ken Poorman

Steve Pratt
Chairman of the Board, ESCO Corporation

Todd Saunders
President, The Saunders Company

John Stirek

Bill Stoller
Owner, Stoller Family Estate

Nancy Sturdevant
President, Fly Precision

Tim Sullivan
Executive Advisor, Henry Schein Dental

Mark and Betty Vergets
Owners, Newberg Hardware

Rita Wolff
CEO and Owner, Oregon Wine Country Properties


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Add your name to the letter in support of the Austin Parrish Family and A-dec.
I worked at A-dec for 40 years in numerous positions and had the honor and pleasure of working with Scott and A-dec leadership. I cannot say enough about his leadership and integrity.
Brian Sauer
A-dec Retiree

What happened?
On September 25, Brett Baker attempted and failed to remove Scott Parrish from the A-dec Board of Directors and install two hand-picked allies on the board. Following this failed attempt, the Austin Parrish family voted to remove Brett Baker as a member of the A-dec Board of Directors. Mr. Baker responded by filing a legal claim against four shareholder members of the company's founding family.

I understand there was a hearing related to the litigation on November 22nd. What was the result?
A hearing on two issues – a motion to dismiss and a preliminary injunction – was held on Friday, November 22nd. The judge determined that A-dec has an interest in this litigation and ordered Mr. Baker to add A-dec as a party to the complaint filed by Mr. Baker. This means that both A-dec and the family shareholders that are party to the litigation will have an opportunity to respond to Mr. Baker’s complaint. The judge did not make a decision on Mr. Baker’s motion for a preliminary injunction. He scheduled a follow up hearing for February 7th 2020.

When will the lawsuit be over?
It's too early to tell. We are hopeful to get a favorable resolution as quickly as possible.

Will this lawsuit impact the employees of A-dec?
No. Since 2004, under Scott Parrish's leadership, A-dec has experienced steady growth and continued success. We are steadfast in our commitment to the company's 1,300 employees worldwide, and to continuing the legacy of our founders as a family owned and operated business. We have total confidence in the company's leadership and future.

Who currently sits on the Board of Directors for A-dec?
Scott Parrish, Loni Parrish, Ken Austin III, Megan Clubb, Steve Pratt, and Bill Stoller.

What are the responsibilities or powers of a Board of Directors?
The Board of Directors is a governing body made up of individual directors that typically meets regularly to set policies for corporate management and oversight of a company's operations. The Board of Directors does not manage the day-to-day business of a company.

Is Brett Baker a member of the board of directors?
No. Mr. Baker is no longer a member of the A-dec Board of Directors.

Articles about this issue in the local news say that Mr. Baker holds a majority of A-dec's Class A voting shares. If that's true, why can't Mr. Baker remove and appoint directors?
According to the company's bylaws, Mr. Baker acting alone as a shareholder cannot appoint or remove directors, no matter how many or what class of shares he holds.

What is Mr. Baker's role at Austin Industries?
Mr. Baker is currently President of Austin Industries.

Will Brett Baker continue working at Austin Industries?
Yes, for the time being we do not expect any change of Mr. Baker's responsibilities and duties with Austin Industries.

What does the lawsuit mean for employees of the Allison Inn & Spa?
This lawsuit does not impact the employees of the Allison Inn & Spa. They were ranked #1 Hotel in Oregon and #23 Hotel in the United States in 2017, and celebrated their 10th anniversary this past summer. The Austin Parrish family is proud of the Allison and Joan Austin's legacy.

What does this mean for the Austin Family Foundation?
The Austin Family Foundation will remain committed to enhancing lives by providing opportunities for citizens of Newberg and Yamhill County through programs that aid and inspire individuals to reach their full potential.

If you have additional questions, please email

Ken, Scott and the A-dec team have always generously committed their support to the charitable endeavors of ADCF in our efforts for the underserved throughout America. I gladly return that commitment of support to the Austin Parrish family.
Bill Blasing
Executive Director
America's Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF)

More comments from our supporters

“Thank you for standing firm to ensure a great future for A-dec and its employees.” ~Oliver H.

“100% behind the Austin Parrish family and protecting their legacy and the company this family has created for our employees and community.” ~Larry M.

“The Austin Parrish family has always been great supporters of dentistry and our Newberg community. Our family will always be supporters of their family and A-dec as well.” ~Randy M.

“As a long-term employee (and now retiree) I am so grateful to A-dec who have always operated with integrity and trustworthiness and with care for their employees and community. They have my unwavering support.” ~Jon D.

“As an employee of A-dec, Inc. and a member of the Newberg-Dundee community engaged in community service supported by the Austin Parrish Family, it saddens me that someone would take hostile actions against the wishes of Ken Austin, Jr. I will continue to support Scott and the Austin Parrish Family, and pray for a favorable resolution.” ~Raquel P.B.

“40-year employee of A-dec and family friend. I stand with you.” ~Hank R.

“Scott Parrish has my loyalty, support and admiration to continue leading A-dec. As a 26 year employee of A-dec, I have no doubt that Ken Austin wanted Scott leading A-dec, especially after his passing.” ~Bethany R.

“I grew up in a family that taught me the values of hard work, honesty, and integrity. As an employee of A-dec for almost 20 years, I am very proud to work for a family that also appreciates these same values of hard work, honesty, and integrity.” ~Kent P.

“Over the past 25 years I've worked in well over 10 Portland area businesses (big and small), serving in consulting and operational leadership capacities. Hands-down A-dec has the most genuine and collaborative culture, demonstrating "concern for people" every single day. That includes concern for employees, customers, and community. And, my family has benefitted from many generous community philanthropic gifts from the Austin Parrish Family to our community, including OSU. These gifts will benefit people for years to come. The Austin Parrish Family has unquestionable integrity and values, and can be trusted implicitly.” ~Kirk C.

“I stand with the Austin Parrish family.” ~Wes S.

“My heart goes out to you, so sad that you are working so hard to keep Ken's legacy alive. He had faith in you, we have faith in you. Ken promised you loyalty and support and so do I.” ~Leslie S.

“Austin Parrish families, you are a blessing to the employees, their families and the community. Being employed by A-dec for 25 years has been more than a job, it’s been a gift. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be grateful.” ~Rachael M.

“A-dec is a family owned business with roots deeply embedded in our Newberg Community. It has been successfully managed for many years and I have faith that it will continue to be for many years to come by the dedicated family members and employees that knew this was Ken and Joan’s intent all along. Stay strong and be fierce!” ~Kari F.

“I will soldier on for the Austin Parrish Family and A-dec.” ~Eddie S.

“As a 21-year employee of A-dec, I am confident that the Board and the Austin Parrish family are doing what is best for our employees and the community. I am standing firm!” ~Leslie B.

“The Austin Family Foundation has been an important part of our Newberg community and the world. Their contributions have helped make our world a much better place for all. Their contributions to our Wellness Collaborative have enriched the lives of many, especially our school children through the counseling resources that they have provided. Thanks for making the contributions to the betterment of all.” ~Rod F.

“A-dec is what it is because of the dedicated leadership of the Austin Parrish family.” ~Rob M.

“I retired after 24+ years with A-dec and have the utmost respect for Scott Parrish and the Austin Parrish family.” ~Randy L.

“In my 24 years at A-dec, the Austin Parrish family has provided an environment of love and enrichment for myself and for my family. I am incredibly proud to be part of A-dec, a "family run" business, and loyal in my support of the Austin Parrish family. They honor Ken & Joan’s ideals in their vision for A-dec, the betterment of dentistry, and improving the community in which we live. My family is grateful for their leadership and firmly stands with A-dec and the Austin Parrish family.” ~Shayne K.

“Keep up the fight!!! We are with you all the way.” ~Jeff D.