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Lexa sterilizer in dental practice

Lexa Sterilizer. A Smarter Approach to Dental Sterilization.

Large capacity meets incredible efficiency in the Lexa Sterilizer by W&H. Combine loads, customize cycles and achieve sterilization best practices with an intuitive, easy to use system. Patented technology delivers bone-dry loads—helping protect your patients and mitigate risk.

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Lexa sterilizer rack configuration

Large Capacity

Lexa’s 11” diameter chamber holds four large trays and up to four levels of cassettes. Sterilize and dry 18 lbs. of dental instruments in as little as 30 minutes.

Lexa sterilizer

Sterile Process

Closed-door vacuum drying keeps the door locked for the entire cycle, while patented steam-condensing vacuum technology produces bone-dry loads.

Lexa sterilizer racks

Universal Rack

Lexa’s universal rack offers flexibility. Mix loads of cassettes and pouches as well as capability for vertical and horizontal cassette placement. No need for additional racks.

I have a very busy dental practice that demands the sterilization reliability and efficiency that I get with Lexa.
Dr. Cho-Young Dentist
Dr. Mike Cho-Young
McNaughton Family Dental
Wallaceburg, ON, Canada

Lexa Sterilizer Features

Universal rack. Load vertically or horizontally, or mix trays and cassettes, without additional racks.

Single-use water system. Water is never reused; separate tanks hold clean and used water.

Efficient air removal. Dynamic, repeated steam injections remove air rapidly.

HEPA filter. Allows only clean air into the chamber.

Pre-programmed cycles. Choose from three custom cycles or six FDA cleared, pre-programmed cycles.

Customize by load. Settings for pouches or cassettes ensure the fastest cycle for any load.

Intuitive LCD display. Easy to operate; includes a low water reservoir alert.

Easy traceability. Manage and document each sterilization cycle initiation and load release.

Accurate documentation. Store sterilization cycle data on a thumb drive; easily update software.

Lexa dental instrument sterilizer
Lexa Sterilizer
Chamber Size 11” diameter, 7.4 gallons | 279 mm diameter, 28 liters
Overall Dimensions (W/H/D) 19.3” x 17” x 23.3”| 490 x 449 x 592 mm
Weight (Empty) 105.8 lb | 47.9 kg
Power Supply 100-125 VAC; 50/60Hz; 12A | 200-240 VAC; 50/60Hz; 10A

Lexa Sterilizer Options

Comprehensive Data Management

Use the optional WiFi key to add Lexa to your practice network and easily manage sterilization cycle data on any computer. An optional cycle report printer creates a summary of sterilization cycle data.


Remote Mobile Monitoring

Partner the optional WiFi key and free downloadable mobile app from W&H to remotely monitor Lexa’s status, cycle progress, and even start new cycles.
Lexa Sterilizer Mobile App

Improved Traceablity

Connect the optional label printer and automatically print and attach bar code labels to every load, in compliance with CDC package labeling requirements.
Lexa sterilizer label printer

Water Filtration System

The optional Multidem filters water directly from your local water supply to provide high-quality water for dental sterilization.
Lexa Sterilizer filter

Automatic Water Refilling and Draining

Optional kits automatically fill Lexa’s clean water tank and drain the used water tank.
Water drop
W&H Handpiece

A-dec and W&H: 170+ years of combined innovation.

With more than 170 years of combined dependability and dedicated support, A-dec and W&H have a mutual vision of improving the daily lives of dental professionals worldwide.

What type of dental sterilizer is Lexa?
Lexa is a tabletop steam sterilizer from W&H. It’s designed to remove air rapidly by repeatedly alternating a steam flush and a pressure pulse (SFPP). A vacuum-assisted, closed-door drying cycle follows CDC best practices for dental instrument sterilization, and produces bone-dry loads.

What are the benefits of the Lexa sterilizer?
The Lexa Sterilizer has an 11” diameter chamber with a universal rack that will accommodate four large trays, up to four levels of cassettes, or mixed loads of trays and cassettes. The patented vacuum-assisted, closed-door drying technology from W&H produces bone-dry loads in total cycle times of just 30-70 minutes. Lexa’s design is robust, reliable and easy to maintain and service.

How long does it take to run a cycle on Lexa?
Cycle duration varies by model voltage, cycle selection and load size. The total cycle time for heating, sterilization and drying typically ranges from 30 to 70 minutes.

Load Type Sterilization Temperature Sterilization Time Total Cycle Duration Maximum Load Weight
Unwrapped 270º F /132º C 4 min. 26-39 min. 18 lbs. / 8.1kg
Pouches Medium Load 270º F /132º C 4 min. 43-53 min. 3 lbs. / 1.4kg
Pouches Large Load 270º F /132º C 4 min. 48-58 min. 6 lbs. / 2.7kg
Pouches & Wrapped Cassettes 270º F /132º C 4 min. 53-64 min. 11 lbs. / 5.0kg
Wrapped Cassettes 270º F /132º C 4 min. 58-71 min. 14 lbs. / 6.3kg
Low Temperature 250º F /121º C 30 min. 73-79 min. 5 lbs. / 2.3kg

*Cycle times are approximate and may vary depending on voltage and instrument loads.

What accessories are available for Lexa?
Optional accessories include kits for automatic filling and draining of the sterilizer tanks, a city water filtration system, a label and cycle report printer, and a WiFi key to connect Lexa to the office network and allow remote access via cell phone.

Is Lexa WiFi capable?
The Lexa Sterilizer can be connected to WiFi with the optional WiFi key. This enables you to store sterilization cycle data on a network or a computer, and to monitor Lexa remotely using the W&H sterilizer app (available for iOS and Android).

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