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The A-dec Dental Face Shield provides and extra layer of protection

A-dec Dental Face Shield

An extra layer of protection for extra peace of mind.

Worry has no place in your practice. Protect yourself, and your team, from saliva and splatter with the A-dec Dental Face Shield. Made specifically for dentistry, the unique shape accommodates loupes, headlamps, goggles and face masks, without obstructing your vision. So you can feel confident every time you step into the operatory.

Comfortable, light, breathable


Light, breathable, shoulder-rest design eliminates pressure on the neck for all-day comfort.

Face shield made for dentistry

Made for Dentistry

Shaped to accommodate loupes, headlamps, goggles and face masks—without obstructing your vision.

Reusable dental face shield


Easy to clean and disinfect, for a lower cost-per-use than disposable single-use face shields.

A-dec Dental Face Shield Features

Shaped for dentistry. Accommodates loupes, headlamps, goggles and face masks.

Reusable design. All parts can be cleaned and disinfected, for weeks of use.

Anti-fog, low-glare. For maximum visibility with reduced eye fatigue.

Shoulder-rest design. Eliminates pressure on neck, won’t obscure vision.

Lightweight and breathable. Ensures all day comfort.

Flexible frame. Easy on/off design saves time and hassle.

Snap-on visor. Makes replacement fast and simple.

Large 'wing grips'. Help minimize touchpoints for proper hygiene.

Universal sizing. Simplifies ordering and on-site storage.

Complete kit. Includes one frame, six frame sleeves and six visors.

A-dec Dental Face Shield
Product Description Size Contents A-dec Part Number
Reusable Face Shield Kit One size fits most 1 frame, 6 snap-on visors, 6 frame sleeves 91.0017.00
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