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To help ensure a lasting career in dentistry, ergonomics matter.

Nagging neck, shoulder, or back pain can turn into an injury and contribute to a long-term disability.

Solutions are available to address the root cause of pain. Your ergonomics assessment will show you how to prevent fatigue, discomfort, and injury.

If you don't have your health, there is no way you can carry out life to its fullest.
Dr Keith Henderson
Dr. Keith Henderson
San Diego, CA, USA
Dentist in ergonomic position with A-dec dental stool and dental chair

Sustain a Healthy Career

During your in-office assessment you'll learn preventative techniques including how to:
  • Improve positioning of the dental team and patient
  • Organize your workspace
  • Simplify work-motion economy

Your A-dec Territory Manager, who will perform the assessment, is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (CEAS). This level of ergonomics mastery is common among physical therapists and ensures OSHA-compliant ergonomics analysis and instruction.

Attention to ergonomics is vital to sustaining healthy careers.

Sign up today for your in–office ergonomics assessment.

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