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Assistina Twin Dental Handpiece Maintenance

Assistina Twin. Handpiece Maintenance in Just 10 Seconds.

Decrease wait time with a maintenance system that lubricates, cleans and purges dental handpieces quickly and reliably. The Assistina Twin by W&H processes up to 360 handpieces an hour. It’s a fast way to ensure perfectly maintained handpieces are always available.

A-dec W&H 2 Year Warranty

Meet the Assistina Twin

Discover an accelerated approach to dental handpiece maintenance. 

Assistina Twin Handpiece Maintenance device

Work Fast

Independent dual chambers with a 10-second cycle allow for nonstop loading so perfectly maintained handpieces are always available and ready.

Dental handpiece in dentist hand

Protect Your Investment

For optimal handpiece performance and greater longevity, atomized oil is injected to lubricate the interior, cleaner runs through the air and water coolant tubes to prevent clogging and compressed air purges excess fluids.

Assistina Twin kit

Save Money

Just one Assistina Twin consumable kit maintains 2,850 handpieces—compared to 20 manual spray cans.

Assistina Twin Features

Dual chambers. With its independent alternating chambers, work in one chamber while the other is processing – without disrupting workflow.

Fast cycles. Process 1 handpiece in 10 seconds and up to 360 handpieces in one hour.

Quick-disconnect adapters. Replace handpiece adapters with the press of a button.

Ergonomic design. Chambers are designed for quick and easy loading and unloading.

Active suction system. Prevents release of emissions and unpleasant odors.

Intuitive LED control panel. Icons indicate oil and cleaning supply status.

Complete care set. Provides optimal handpiece maintenance with minimal consumption.

Assistina Twin Handpiece maintenance system
Assistina Twin
Cycle time 10 seconds
Supply Voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Overall Dimensions (W/D/H) 11.7” x 17.1” x 7.4” (297 x 435 x 190 mm)
Weight (Empty) 7.7 lbs. (3.8 kg)
Operating Pressure 72 -145 psi (5 -10 bar) - controlled via an integrated, automatic pressure controller
Air Consumption 10.6 gal/min. (approx. 40 NI/min.)

Complete Maintenance in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Load a handpiece into chamber one. Slide the window over and press start.

Assistina Twin with handpiece in chamber

Step 2

Load a second handpiece into chamber two. When chamber one finishes processing, slide the window over to chamber two and press start.

Assistina Twin with dual chambers

Step 3

Remove the handpiece in chamber one; then reload and repeat the process. It’s that fast and easy!

Assistina Twin handpiece removed
W&H Handpiece

A-dec and W&H: 170+ years of combined innovation.

With more than 170 years of combined dependability and dedicated support, A-dec and W&H have a mutual vision of improving the daily lives of dental professionals worldwide.

What is the Assistina Twin?
The Assistina Twin is a dual-chamber, dental handpiece maintenance system from W&H. It automatically lubricates, cleans and purges dental handpieces to improve their performance and longevity.

What are the benefits of the Assistina Twin?
Speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The Assistina Twin has a cycle time of just 10 seconds. Its independent alternating chambers allow for nonstop loading, processing up to 360 handpieces an hour. The operating costs of the Assistina Twin are extremely low: just one consumable kit maintains 2,850 handpieces. 

How is the Assistina Twin different from a multi-port device?
The difference is its superior speed and efficiency. Multi-port systems are limited to processing handpieces sequentially, and ports cannot be accessed until the entire cycle is complete. That adds up to a lot of wait time. In contrast, the Assistina Twin’s dual-chamber system allows you to access and load one chamber while the other is processing. There’s virtually no wait time, no matter how many handpieces you’re maintaining.

Can I maintain any type of dental handpiece in the Assistina Twin?
The Assistina Twin accepts all types of dental handpieces. Adapters are available for A-dec|W&H and other popular brands of handpieces. If an adapter for another brand isn’t available, simply use a matching handpiece coupler to maintain handpieces in the Assistina Twin.

What do I need to run the Assistina Twin?
The Assistina Twin plugs into a standard 110V outlet and requires compressed air at a pressure level of at least 72 psi.