Dental handpiece maintenance with A-dec Assistina

Assistina 301 Plus. Easy, Consistent Handpiece Maintenance.

Prolong the life of your dental handpieces at minimal cost with the Assistina maintenance system. Get consistent, precise, and convenient cleaning and lubrication. It’s the easiest, most efficient and cost-effective handpiece maintenance system.

Save Money

At less than 3 cents per cycle, Assistina offers the lowest operating cost of any handpiece maintenance device.

Save Time

Automatically timed operation takes only 35 seconds per cycle.

Easy to Use

The Assistina cleans and lubricates in just 2 simple steps:

  1. Connect the instrument and close the cover
  2. Push the start button for 2 seconds to begin automated delivery of service oil and cleaning liquid

Assistina 301 Plus Features

Handpiece compatibility. Accommodates all major brands of dental handpieces.

No electricity required. Simplifies installation; utilizes compressed air (65-140 psi operating range).

Compact. Fits easily into your handpiece maintenance workflow.

Universal adapters. Includes two universal adapters that accept most brands of handpieces, motors, and attachments; additional adapters available.

Dental handpiece maintenance with A-dec Assistina
Cycle time Approx. 35 seconds
Capacity 250 ml (Service oil, enough for about 3,500 cycles; Cleaning liquid, enough for about 2,500 cycles)
Required air pressure 65 psi/min; 140 psi/max
Connection Compressed air connection with quick-swivel coupling for air hose
Height/width/depth 8.8" x 7.5" x 16.3" (223 x 190 x 415 mm)
Weight 5.95 lb. (2.70 kg)

Which handpiece brands does the Assistina maintain?
There are adapters available for most common brands of handpieces. All E-style handpieces fit in the Assistina without the need of an adapter.

How many handpieces can be placed in the Assistina?
One at a time. The short cycle time of 35 seconds ensures fast and efficient processing.

What is the cost of maintaining one handpiece in the Assistina?
Less than 3 cents per handpiece. Compare to over 6 cents when using a maintenance system that mounts spray cans and over 40 cents when using spray cans by hand.

How many handpieces can be maintained in the Assistina with one bottle of oil and cleaner?
Over 7,000 handpieces, which is more than a 1-year supply for a typical dental office.

What are the install requirements for the Assistina?
The Assistina needs to be connected to an air line that provides compressed air at pressure levels of 65 psi or higher; no electric power is required.

Where can I buy the Assistina?
The Assistina is available through all authorized A-dec dealers. The Assistina starter kit includes the Assistina as well as all other accessories necessary to get started including a bottle of oil and cleaner.