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Alegra 300 air low-speed dental handpiece

Alegra 300 Air Low-Speed Handpieces: Excellent Ergonomics

Short, slim, and lightweight dental handpiece design with our best swivel reduces hand and wrist fatigue. Perfect for decay removal, finishing, polishing.

  • Mini head design improves access and visibility
  • Precision ball-bearings provide exceptional tactile feedback with a smooth and quiet operation
  • High quality materials for maximum robustness and long life

See Alegra 300 Air Low-Speed Series for available handpieces.

Model WE-56T WE-57T WE-66T HE-43T
Gear Ratio 1:1 1:1 4:1 1:1
Max Speed (rpm) 20,000 20,000 5,000 20,000
Chuck Push-button 2.35 mm latch burs Push-button 1.6 mm friction grip burs Push-button 2.35 mm latch burs Twist-tension 2.35 mm lab burs
Light No No No No
Spray Ports No No No No
Head diameter(mm) 10.1 10.1 10.1 n/a
Head height (mm) 13.01 13.01 13.01 n/a
Head height (w 19 mm bur) 20.7 22.4 20.7 n/a
Weight (grams) 42 42 42 44
Length (mm) 87.9 87.9 87.9 87.1

Midwest and StarDental compatible handpieces are also available. Contact your A-dec dealer or visit the A-dec|W&H Handpiece Advisor to learn more.

AM-20 RQ Air Motor

W&H Quick Disconnect Air Motors Make Sterilization A Snap

For optimal infection control, the CDC recommends sterilizing detachable motors between patients. W&H Quick Disconnect air motors detach from handpiece couplers with minimal effort, making them easy to thoroughly clean and sterilize.

You'll appreciate the ultra-smooth swivel and exceptional tactile feedback. Your patients will appreciate the smooth, quiet operation.

  • Quick disconnect motor/coupler design eliminates cumbersome threading
  • Slim and lightweight to reduce hand and wrist fatigue
  • High torque ensures faster, more efficient cutting
  • Compatible with popular Midwest and StarDental handpieces
  • Backed with 2-year A-dec warranty
  • Requires RQ-04 coupler for non-lighted handpiece
Handpiece Compatibility A dec|W&H Midwest Midwest StarDental StarDental
Max Speed (rpm) 20,000 20,000 5,000 20,000 5,000
Sterilizable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Air low-speed motor 20-RM

A‑dec|W&H Fixed-Back Air Motors: Lightweight, Dependable

Tactile sensation and power all rolled into one lightweight, dependable motor solution. With the A-dec|W&H fixed-back air motor, you have the ability to remove tooth structure rapidly, with a light touch. It’s a motor that’s easy to control and long-lasting.

  • Precision ball-bearings provide exceptional tactile feedback with a smooth and quiet operation
  • Ultra-smooth swivel and lightweight reduce hand and wrist fatigue
  • Powerful design creates greater cutting efficiency
 Model AM-20RM
System A dec|W&H
Max Speed (rpm) 20,000
Weight (grams) 55
Length (mm) 39

Are A-dec|W&H air low-speed handpieces compatible with my existing coupler or tubing system?
Use the A-dec|W&H Dental Handpiece Overview Guide to determine the compatibility of A-dec|W&H handpieces.

How can I repair my A-dec|W&H handpieces?
A-dec offers factory-authorized repair from technicians specifically trained to service your A-dec|W&H handpieces. Get details on A-dec Authorized Handpiece Repair Center services and pricing.

How do I compare A-dec|W&H dental handpieces and motors?
Visit the A-dec|W&H Handpiece Advisor to compare handpiece models and find detailed product information.

What is the price of an A-dec|W&H air low-speed dental handpiece?
You can choose from different price points with different performance. Ask your local A-dec dealer about quantity pricing or bundled pricing when purchased with an A-dec delivery system.

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