JADE Air Purifier by Surgically Clean Air.

JADE Air Purifier by Surgically Clean Air.

Provide clean, energized air for your team and patients.

Bioaerosols, microbes, pathogens… they're all serious safety concerns in the dental environment. That's why A-dec is bringing the JADE Air Purifier exclusively to the dental industry.

As one of the world's most advanced stand-alone air purifiers, JADE effectively removes airborne pathogens, particulates and odors, then releases purified, re-energized air back into the room—making it a smart solution for operatories, as well as your sterilization area, waiting room and other common areas.

Now your patients and staff can breathe a bit easier, knowing there's another level of reassurance in your practice.

Not available in all regions. Check with your authorized A-dec dealer for local availability.

No longer available in black.

JADE Air Purifier Intro

JADE - Ideal For Dental Use

Utilizing the powerful, multi-stage technologies of Surgically Clean Air, watch how JADE captures and deactivates the particulates and bioaerosols created and released by dental procedures.

Robust Technology

Robust Performance

A six-stage process removes up to 99.998% of viruses, bacteria, and airborne pathogens from indoor air.


Large Capacity Airflow

Large Capacity Airflow

Clean and purify up to 2,000 cubic feet of space, with six air changes per hour.


Ultra Quiet

Ultra Quiet

Sound-dampening design keeps decibel levels softer than normal conversation.

Touchless Control

Touchless Control

Simple, hands-free activation helps prevent cross-contamination.


Real Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Easy-to-read displays show current air quality and particulate levels for peace of mind.


Low Total Cost

Low Total Cost

Low energy usage makes JADE an affordable air purifying solution.



JADE Air Purifier Features

Six-stage technology. Effectively filters, purifies and re-energizes indoor air.

Activated carbon filter. Absorbs unpleasant odors and noxious gases.

Sound-dampening design. Highest speed produces only 55 dB(A). The soothing "white noise" enhances patient privacy.

Large capacity airflow. Purifies and maintains up to 2,000 cubic feet of space, with six air changes per hour.

Real-time monitoring. Colored light bar indicates current air quality. Digital panel displays the concentration of fine particulates.

Top air outlet. Enables clean, filtered air to flow into the room without creating uncomfortable breezes.

Touchless control. Turn power on/off and easily adjust the fan speed with hands-free activation.

Sleek silhouette. The slim profile is easy to incorporate into any operatory or practice space.

JADE Air Purifier Features

JADE Doesn't Just Filter Pollutants, It Deactivates Them

Learn more about the science and technology behind clean, energized air.


Powered by a large volume airflow, the pre-filter stage catches the largest particles in the room as air is drawn through the intake chamber at the bottom of the unit.

HEPA-Rx Filter

The HEPA-Rx filter captures 99.2% of ultrafine particles 0.0025 microns in size—and 99.998% of particles of 0.1 microns in size (that's just 1/250,000 of an inch!).

JADE Filtration Stages

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter absorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including noxious odors, chemicals and gases.

Germicidal UV-C+ Light

The high-intensity germicidal UV-C+ light works with the TiO2 catalyst to rupture the DNA of viruses and bacteria.

TiO2 Catalyst

The titanium dioxide catalyst works with the germicidal UV-C+ light, releasing the electrons at the catalyst surface. These electrons interact with water molecules to create hydroxyl radicals, which further attack pollutants, breaking apart their chemical bonds.

JADE Filtration Stages

Revitalizing Negative Ion Chamber

Before the pure, clean air is released back into the room, it's revitalized with negative ions. Studies have shown that negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy*.

*“Treating Depression with Atypical Symptoms Using Negative Air Ions at High Density,” Michael Terman, PhD, Columbia University, New York

JADE Filtration Stages

JADE Quick Set-Up Guide and How-To Videos

Easy to set up and easy to use, JADE makes it simple to provide clean, purified, energized air for your staff and patients. Watch a quick set-up guide and other helpful how-to videos.

Maintaining Your JADE Air Purifier

For optimum performance, the HEPA-Rx filter, the activated carbon filter and the germicidal UV-C+ bulb should be replaced when the corresponding indicator lights are flashing. Typically, you'll replace the HEPA-Rx filter and germicidal UV-C+ bulb once a year, and the activated carbon filter twice a year. Changing a JADE filter or bulb takes less than two minutes—and no special tools are needed.

Purchasing replacements from your authorized A-dec dealer will ensure that you continue using ultrafine particulate HEPA filters that perform to H13-H14 standards, and UV-C bulbs that are 'zero ozone emission products,' which emit ozone less than 0.005 ppm (5 ppb).

JADE Maintaining Purifier

JADE Air Purifier Placement

A-dec recommends one JADE Air Purifier in every operatory. Consider additional units for your sterilization center, waiting room, and common areas.

JADE Floorplan Hero Image

How will I know if JADE is actually removing contaminants from the air?
Real-time monitoring displays give you the peace of mind of knowing JADE is performing at its best. While air purification is generally an invisible operation, clients say they notice the difference after installing JADE. The air seems fresher and lighter, and they see less dust on furniture, floors and fixtures. You'll see how well your JADE is working when you clean the pre-filter, which is often black with dirt even from rooms with air that seems relatively clean.

How much noise does JADE make?
The JADE Air Purifier is one of the quietest commercial-grade systems on the market today. The unique sound-dampening design allows JADE to operate at decibel levels lower than a normal conversation—even on the highest setting.

Low Speed  <40 dB(A)
Medium Speed 43 dB(A)
High Speed  48 dB(A)
Turbo Speed 55 dB(A)
Normal conversation 60 dB(A)

How much electricity does JADE use?
Surprisingly little! Running the JADE Air Purifier is equivalent to using a 60W light bulb.

What’s the difference between lower-priced air purifiers and JADE?
In general, the cheaper the unit the less sophisticated its filtration system and the lower its air flow movement—both of which drastically reduce air cleaning efficiency. Other major issues with low-cost units are increased noise, reduced reliability, fewer technologies, higher operating costs, difficulties in finding replacement filters, and in some cases, off-gassing or ozone production.

Can I leave JADE on all the time?
Yes. JADE is designed and built for continuous air cleaning. We encourage customers to leave at least one JADE running at all times. Adjust the airflow based on the level of cleaning you desire; the higher the airflow, the "cleaner" your indoor air will be.

What does the number on the display panel show?
Micrograms of PM2.5 per cubic meter (PM2.5 is short for "fine inhalable particles with diameters 2.5 micrometers and smaller.") The number can spike due to activity around the unit—in a high-traffic area, it can reach the 20s or higher. A reading of 000 means the level of PM2.5 is below 1 microgram per cubic meter. (The actual level is likely around 0.3 to 0.4 micrograms per cubic meter, but JADE cannot display decimal points, so it rounds the value up or down to the nearest whole number.)

What does the colored light indicate?
When JADE displays the orange or red light, it is sensing a spike in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or particulate (aerosols). These are often created after using cleaning supplies/disinfectants or from aerosols produced during dental procedures. Don't be alarmed by an orange or red light; it will return to green once the VOCs or particulates are cleared from the air and levels return to normal.

Why does JADE have a Negative Ion function?
It's an extra benefit beyond clean, purified air! General scientific understanding suggests that negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which results in more mental energy, decreased drowsiness, and higher mental alertness.

Will JADE alter the temperature or humidity of my indoor environment?
Not directly, as JADE has no heating, cooling, or water components. However, it does circulate the air within a room which can have some indirect positive effects on indoor temperature and humidity.

Does JADE emit ozone?
JADE qualifies as a "zero ozone emission product" which means it demonstrates emissions of less than 0.005 ppm (5 ppb), which is below the quantifiable level for ozone testing. This is lower than the permitted 0.05 ppm (50 ppb) under test standard UL 867 (US), and 0.02 ppm (20 ppb) under test standard CSA 22.2 (Canada).

Are JADE air purifiers safety certified?
Yes. JADE is independently lab tested and certified to be in compliance with UL standard 867 and CSA standard C22.2 No. 187-M1986 by ETL, and bears the ETL and CETL mark under report No. 3035728.005.

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